Mechnykova str. apartments

Land plot area: 7208 hectares

Object’s general area: 13657.8 sq. m.

Status: Under construction

Architects: Danylo Shvets, Andriy Zinkevych, Oleg Bodnar

Constructors: Ihor Karkhut, Roman Lutsiv

The construction site is located in the prevailing environment and therefore requires an individual approach to planning. First of all, it was necessary to fit all regulatory distances in the area of dense urban environment. In addition, the appearance of houses should have been both modern and restrained at the same time. Accordingly, the architecture of the buildings is simple and unobtrusive, but at the same time is filled with a certain dynamics due to volumes of different heights, expressed in sharp forms and composition of windows. Residential sections in the height of 9-11 floors are adjacent to a public building with a height of 3 floors.

The planning of residential apartments is designed to be as comfortable and flexible as possible. There are no more than 3-4 apartments on each floor in one housing section. Forms of living rooms are rectangular, close to square, for the possibility of comfortable environment planning.

For the residential complex there is a large courtyard with recreational infrastructure for the residents. In the underground floor car parking is located.

Apartment building in Kulisha Str.
Apartment building in Kulisha Str.
Rudnenska str. residential in Lviv city
Rudnenska str. residential in Lviv city