Who we are?

Our main principles in the project development are the quality of the architecture (starting from the general look of the building to the local solution of each element) and a commercial attractiveness of the building for the client. We use both our own knowledge and skills and the experience from the cooperation with the foreign architectural bureaus. Besides, we cooperate tightly with several partners – companies specializing on specific projects sections which allows us to be more flexible with the order conditions execution.


We aspire to bringing the new, fresh architecture into the urban environment of Ukraine. We do not try to copy the historical styles, however we do not follow the western trends without deep analysis. We believe that the Ukrainians do as well have the innovative ideas concerning the creation of a space for human being, which often unfortunately drown under the ocean of stereotypes and limitations imposed by the post-soviet elements since childhood. Therefore, we try to have the most possibly open approach to our work considering only normative, ergonomic and functional limitations but never the stereotypic, esthetic or technological ones.



Contact us:office@shvetspartners.com.ua