Mechnykova str. 16a, residential in Lviv city

Land plot area: 0.155 hectares

Object’s general area: 3250.83 sq. m.

Status: under construction

Architects: Danylo Shvets, Iryna Kinder, Oleg Bodnar

Constructors: Ihor Karkhut, Roman Lutsiv

Another residential building in the Mechnikova, 16 str. residential complex . The height of the building is reduced compared to the previous sections because the site is in the zone Z-2. At the same time, the architecture of the house is designed in a similar style to the previous stages.

The ground floor of the building includes office space and an entrance to the residential part. Also the garage is designed in the underground floor.

Rudnenska str. residential in Lviv city
Rudnenska str. residential in Lviv city
Nadiyna str. residential complex
Nadiyna str. residential complex