A store and restaurant complex “Kumpel”

Land plot area: 0.052 hectares

Object’s general area: 1100.2 sq. m.

Status: зданий в експлуатацію

Architects: Danylo Shvets, Stepan Hlukhovetskyi, Andriy Zinkevych, Oleg Bodnar

Constructors: Roman Borovyi, Volodymyr Lyonda, Borys Kraskovskyi

A store and restaurant complex “Kumpel” located in the Vyacheslav Chornovil Avenue in Lviv, Ukraine

The building is constructed according to the contemporary minimalistic trend. To decorate the facade the natural materials were selected: ceramic-granite with a natural stone pattern and the façade wood. In connection with glass they create an easy and fresh look of the building.

The planning structure was solved by allowing every renter to design the space according to the individual needs. This was achieved thanks to big column gaps an absence of the bearing walls.

During the general plan of the building development the existing public transport bus stop was considered as well. Therefore, the decision to split the façade part of the building into two parts was made. The first one – higher part is an area of pedestrian and client movement whereas the lower one is an area of public transport.

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